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AmnioPadTM, an innovative liner that keeps you dry and detects abnormal fluid leakage during pregnancy.

AmnioPad is an in vitro easy to use self test kit that allows you to detect probable leakage of amniotic fluid.

Leaking amniotic fluid increases the risk of infection to both mother and fetus and early detection can help to :

  • Prevent complications or premature birth
  • Identify a possible membrane rupture, especially after amniocentesis
  • Confirm premature rupture of membranes( PROM) and/or preterm rupture of membranes (PPROM) and link to care

AmnioPad is the ONLY test available to collect sample leakage over a period of time. AmnioPad offers convenience and peace of mind when there is an increase in vaginal wetness.


Allow patient to wear in their underwear for a minimum of 10 minutes (One unit can be used up to 12 hours for observation).

If there is a colour change to blue or green, the patient may be leaking amniotic fluid and should be immediately admitted for further testing and appropriate treatment.