Why our kids have meltdowns

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So, you collect your two beautiful angels from daycare. They seem to have had a wonderful day, appear to be cheerful and just so happy. Us as moms are also just thrilled to see our kiddies so happy. We put them into the car, and as usual make our way home…suddenly things change drastically, your two calm kiddies suddenly have a meltdown, a sudden change of personality, I mean who are these kids? What is happening? The screaming, the sibling rivalry, and the complete chaos from the time one leaves the daycare all the way home. Seriously!!What has happend? What can it be? Am I the only mom who has had this experience? I would love to hear your stories-hopefully there are some??

To be honest it is actually a very normal and healthy opportunity for our little ones to truly breakdown, let loose and totally be themselves. Often we tend to immediately assume that perhaps something happened at school (which could be the case) but we also often tend to assume that our kids are not happy, that the school did something, that perhaps the teacher did something. But honestly the reason our kids have these melt downs is because they totally trust us as their parents and feel totally safe enough to bring it on, in full force. Its their safe space, their only opportunity where they can truly express their emotions freely without judgement. In fact it’s so important for us to acknowledge their feelings-regardless of how much chaos or screaming is happening at the time and regardless of how silly it might seem.

We live in a society where we are taught to suppress our emotions, taught to hold back and not feel angry, sad or frustrated. Its a world where we no longer have insight into our own emotions or our own feelings and because of this, we are unable to take responsibility for how we feel.

If children’s feelings are acknowledged, they can learn to identify these emotions, they can be taught healthier ways to express them and be assisted to take responsibility for those emotions. This teaches our children to be open to communicate with us without judgement and teaches them that its truly ok to feel whatever they feel.


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