Gross motor skills

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Gross motor includes the use of larger muscle groups such as the legs and arms and involves every day functions like walking, standing, running, climbing and balance. Hand/eye co-ordination is also a crucial aspect of gross motor skills, such as throwing, catching and kicking.  Gross motor development is important as it involves the core muscles of the body which have a significant role in enabling a child to maintain table top posture, endurance for coping with a full day of school and stabilizing the neck and the trunk. 

Any problems with gross motor development will impact a child significantly.  Children will not be able to manage a full day of school as they will lack the endurance needed.  They will have difficulties in any sport activities and most importantly their self-esteem and confidence will be severely compromised.

Enhancing gross motor skills will build strength, balance/stability and co-ordination in your child.  There are various exercises that will assist with your child’s core strength and endurance, and improve sensory processing.


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